Top 5 most requested goodies

Trends and innovations in the promotional items market are in the process of being transformed. To innovate, companies have a wide choice to surprise their customers or employees with new goodies that will lead the way. However, despite the arrival of new promotional items and improved versions of classic items, it is noticeable that there are a handful of goodies that continue to be successful every year.

When the useful meets the timeless

When the goodies came into being in 1880, utility was not a factor of choice. Rather, it was a means of highlighting a brand, punctually and to mark the occasion. It wasn’t until 1918 that we began to see the advertising object being both useful and durable, with the Parker refillable pens.

After that, the production of personalized advertising objects developed further. Advertisers allowed their clients to have objects that could be kept or collected over the long term, and all this gave rise to promotional objects that have become part of our everyday life. Goodie lovers are no longer looking for a bauble of their favourite brand, but rather, a personalized object that meets their daily needs.

Nowadays, companies are constantly looking for advertising objects that will please and be of great use to their recipients. Among these objects, some are timeless because their helpfulness has made them more perceived as useful gifts, which will be used for a long time; (unlike an advertising trinket, which will be put on the desk for a while and then thrown away). To find out more about these truly useful items, here is a ranking of the five most popular promotional items.

Top 5 most requested goodies

The personalized pen

Important in offices and for students, the pen continues to be a must for writing. In this digital age, the pen remains the best way to learn and take notes, according to American researchers at Princeton University. For all generations, the pen is the tool with which one learns, designs, draws and writes. That’s why the majority of businesses and educational institutions have pens personalized with their names. The pen, personalized or not, can never be refused because it will always be used.

Also, the personalized pen has the advantage of being a must that will guarantee maximum visibility of your brand in the long term. The pen is a tool that you lend, borrow and give. It is also the tool that you grope, chew and scribble with while you are on the phone. Moreover, the pen gives a stylish effect during a presentation and it also allows us to channel our hands.

The personalized USB flash drive

Although today’s computers have large storage capacities, the custom USB flash drive is still a very useful tool, especially in business. For projecting a document on an overhead projector or sharing files with colleagues, the USB flash drive continues to be of interest to businesses that are afraid of the cloud. Indeed, even if the USB key can be hacked if the hacker has it, it is not remotely accessible. Moreover, it allows the exchange of documents without an internet connection and can be transformed into a jukebox in the car.

The personalized mug

Useful and practical, the mug is one of the most bought and most searched goodies on search engines. Indeed, this everyday object is always popular because it is very much used at breakfast or during coffee breaks. Inexpensive and very appreciated by the French, the advertising visibility of a brand on a personalized mug is therefore very advantageous. The personalized mug is also a way to ensure that the beautiful meets the useful and pleasant. Offering it to your customers, partners or collaborators will always be appreciated.

When a brand succeeds in introducing the daily life of its customers or prospects, it can easily become a top-of-mind brand. In addition, the variety of customizable mugs that exist gives you a wide choice to surprise your target audience.

The personalized canvas bag

The canvas bag, better known as the “tote bag” is one of the original goodies that have transformed habits. Useful and durable, the tote bag is the tool you’ll find on almost every shoulder in the streets. Trendy for some, eco-friendly for others, the tote bag is one of the most popular goodies because it allows you to carry your groceries, carry your laptop or just to show off.

Ecological objects

More than a trend, ecological objects are almost part of French people’s everyday life. Sorting bags, rolls of biodegradable toilet paper, end of single-use shopping bags in stores, sorting bins etc. Everything is gradually being implemented to promote respect for the environment. With good or bad intentions, the environment has become the key selling point for most companies.

As you will have understood, the most sought-after promotional items are items that can continue to be offered over the years because they are not yet on the verge of being decommissioned. However, offering one of the most sought-after goodies does not mean that you should neglect your communication strategy upstream. Remember to take care of the distribution of your goodies: the right time, the right place, the right person. That’s how your communication will make an impression on your customers!